About us

Bulthuis is a creative team, established in 2014 by the siblings Kathrine Bø Mathisen and Jørgen Bø Mathisen. Our work is both strategic and productional, and it follows a structure where either a part of, or the whole team, collaborates with the client as an integrated part of the creative process. When external skills are needed, we source out the right people for the job and bring them in, maintaining tight control of progress and project deadlines on behalf of the client.


What we do

Art Direction; visual communication, project strategy and implementation, concept sketching. 

Design; Webdesign, UX/UI, logo and visual identities, editorial work (magazines, books), marketing material, illustration. 

Show Direction; choreography, scenography, directing, music mixing, casting, and coordination. 

Branding; marketing strategy, content marketing, copywriting.


Client list

Arcus, NRK, TV2, VG, Geelmuyden Kiese, Kongsberg Gruppen, Monster Entertainment, Strix, Active Brands (Kari Traa, Bjørn Dæhlie, Bula), Navigatio, YCI, Charmers Cheerleading, Complete Drumline, Kirkens Bymisjon, Eventbyraaet, BCG, Renommé Communication, Pocket & Comms, Ny Vri, Oslo Maraton, Arkitekt Fossland, Paul & Pauline, Voksenåsen, Studio3, Resirkulert Lyd, NAIF, Maze, Intros Allstars, Eight Events, Klippegangen, Alpha Trening, ROK.