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My educational background is part scientific, with studies in psychology and a bachelor degree in marketing, and part creative with a degree in graphic design. Before co-founding Bulthuis with Kathrine in 2014, I worked for an Oslo-based creative agency, building my experience with client work. During this time I would handle various tasks as my role shifted between being a strategist, art director and designer, often on the same project. Over the years, the formula of working both from a scientific and a creative angle continues to be the foundation my work stands on, while my methods gets improved and refined on a daily basis.

When I’m not working on projects via Bulthuis, I focus all my time and effort on startups I’ve co-founded with the likeminded folks over at Appresso, Inrupt and Getz Ventures. Here, my role mostly takes form as product owner as I conjure up product strategies alongside my fellow partners, before I create some kickass UX/UI to be implemented.




A presentation of past projects, mostly client work.